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VR/AR Applications

Color Match

Motor & Cognitive Application

Upper extremity rehabilitation and motor-cognitive exercises.

Compatible with: PICO Neo 2

Balloon Blast

Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder Application

Upper Extremity Rehabilitation and Active Shoulder ROM Assessment Application.

Compatible with: PICO Neo 2


Cognitive Training Application

Cognitive training game, providing personal health data through precision measurements of processing speed, attention and decision making processes.

Compatible with: PICO Neo 2


Neck Training Application

Rotate Neck exercise application provides analytics on various measurements and metrics, including range of motion, smoothness of motion and rate of improvement.

Compatible with: PICO Neo 2


Meditation for self-management of pain

Meditation for self-mangement of pain that helps calm and relax your mind. Select guided meditations or breathing techniques to cope with pain.

Compatible with: PICO Neo 2


CBT for Symptom management

Luna the AI therapist offers VR experiences that engage the brain to support healing and self-management of pain and hot flashes.

Compatible with: PICO Neo 2


Meditation for self-management of pain

Cognitive training for executive functions and memory span, providing personal health data through precision measurements.

Compatible with: PICO Neo 2


VR Support Group Application

Hosted by certified healthcare professionals, patients can interact in groups of up to 10 people. Sharing experiences, discussing challenges and fears, help in coping and alleviating social isolation.

Compatible with: PICO Neo 2

The C.A.R.E. Channel

Healing Healthcare Systems

Nature and music programming to improve the patient experience.

Compatible with: PICO Neo 2

Data Portal

XR applications provide patients and clinicians with real-time analytics that help generate meaningful insights after every completed session.

The Data portal interface enables clinicians to view patients progress over time, create and adjust patients training plans and more.

The Activities view enables seeing an in-depth view for each activity where dashboard views enables seeing progress over time.

Patient Overview

Activities List

Data Portal Dashboard

External Control

Monitor the performance and progress of your patients and make necessary adjustments.

Use the External Control from your PC or Mac. Download the free app from the Microsoft store or Mac App Store.

Mirror Headset

Remote Control

View Patient’s Data

The XRHealth mobile App

Track your performance and see your improvement.
Get insights and tips to help you achieve even more.
Compare your results to other relevant users (anonymously of course).
Whether you’re looking for a broad overview, or to dive into the details, it’s all on the XRHealth mobile app!

Free on the app store:


XRHealth IL Ltd. has established a quality management system that indicates a commitment to quality and gives an assurance that its services and products are safe, accurate and effective, meet customer requirements, and comply with all applicable standards and regulations. XRHealth IL Ltd. is accredited for the EN ISO-13485:2016 AND ISO-27001:2013 standards by SII, the Standard Institution of Israel. It also complies with the requirements of the US FDA 21 CFR Part 820, to those of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and is further audited on a regular basis by customers and interested parties

XRHealth IL Ltd. compliance obligations in terms of information security include, in addition to the ISO 27001:2013 accreditation, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which addresses various security and privacy aspects in managing Protected Health Information (PHI) of US residents, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which addresses various security aspects in managing protected Personally Identified Information (PII) and the Privacy Low of Israel.

Release Notes

  • VR Portal
  • External Control
  • Data Portal
  • Mobile Application
  • Developers API

VR Portal

XRHealth Portal version 3.6.9

24 Sep 2020

Bug fixes

XRHealth Portal 3.7.2

October 10th 2020

Mindset – A new app for stress, pain and symptom management is available!

Also a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements to improve the user experience. 

XRHealth Portal 3.8.8

November 22th 2020

A10tion a new app for ADHD is now available in the USA!

XRHealth Portal 3.8.12

December 10th 2020

Localization for Color Match and A10tion supporting Hebrew!

XRHealth Portal

January 19th 2021

Hot fix for performance issues with EC

XRHealth Portal

February 8th 2021

Hot fix #2 for internet connectivity issues

XRHealth Portal 3.9.4

February 21 2021

Localization for Balloon Blast

XRHealth Portal 4.0.17

June 21st 2021

  1. Localization of the portal and onboarding experience (mainly for the IL clinic).
  2. Adding pairing a new external device from within the main screen enabling patients to ONLY LOGIN ONCE (and not have to logout on their first VR meeting in order to pair)
  3. Enabling to scroll between weeks on a training plan.

External Control

External Control version 1.2.0

October 10th 2020

Support for Mindset, a new VR application!
Performance and stability improvements 

External Control version 1.2.2

November 22th 2020

External control now supports A10tion! A new app for ADHD in the USA.

External Control version 1.2.5

December 10th 2020

Version update popup
New disconnect/timeout handling
Take control while patients are logged in (no need to logout any more!)
Bug fixes

External Control version 1.2.10

January 19th 2021

Hot fix for EC stability issues

External Control version 1.2.14

February 8th 2021

Hot fix #2 for internet stability issues

External Control version 1.2.15

21 February 2021

Localization support

Data Portal

Data portal version 1.11.0

October 11, 2020

  • Clinichat – A secured and HIPAA-compliant communication channel between patients (Through the mobile app) to their associated clinician (Through the Web Portal)
  • Mindset – support for new Mindset application on Activities and Dashboards
  • Visualize VAS for Rotate on Web portal
  • Added a filter for evaluation on Overview main dashboard
  • Fix search functionality for “Technical support user”
  • Fixed a bug where clinicians could not use “External control” for patients that their password has expired

Data portal version 1.11.1

Nov 17, 2020

  • Clinichat Phase 2 (SMS notifications for our clinicians)
  • Added Primary and Secondary treatment case to patient forms in the web portal
  • Support for the upcoming VR Release of A10Tion / New MC320 version (more information with the upcoming release)

Data portal version 1.11.2

December 9, 2020

  • Display discharged and locked patients in the patient list.
  • Add a Patient information banner.
  • Create and view two user types for clinicians – “regular” and “clinician admin”.
  • CliniChat- new message notification.
  • Clinicians can see only their associated patients.
  • Clinicians will be logged out from the Web Portal after 1 hour (Instead of 15 min).

Data portal version 1.12.0

April 8, 2021

  • Digital Training Plan feature-
    • Clinicians can build and edit a personalized weekly plan for each patient, as well as tracking their compliance.
    • Patients can view and play sessions from their training plan directly from the VR headset.

Data portal version 11.12.1

May 11, 2021

  • New user role ‘Referring provider’, which lets referring providers to access the data portal and review their associated patients’ data and training plans (view only).

Data portal version 1.12.2

June 17, 2021

  • Technical support admin interface- clinicians’ pictures & videos upload.
  • CliniChat immediate SMS reminders for therapists who are not connected to the web portal during work hours.
  • Training Plan edit mode changes. 
    • Unsaved changes in edit mode will be saved to the local cache.
    • The settings of the last session that was created are saved in the local cache, so they will be defined automatically when creating another session of the same app. 

Mobile Application

Mobile app versions 1.3.6 (iOS) and 1.3.9 (Android)

October 10th 2020

Clinichat! A new feature enabling patients to chat with their associated clinicians is now available!

Developers API

Server Version 1.11.0

October 11, 2020

Support via API for Validate Token and Send workout session to XRHealth Servers



How do I receive my VR Telehealth Kit?

Once you sign up and speak with your matched healthcare professional, we will ship your personalized telehealth kit right to your door. Shipping is free.

How much does it cost?

Like all healthcare, costs vary depending on your symptoms and treatments. However, we can proudly say that XRHealth is fully covered by most health insurance plans. We also deal with your insurance provider directly, so you can focus on your recovery.

Where can I use my Virtual Reality Telehealth Kit?

You can use your telehealth kit wherever you’re comfortable. Your headset is wireless and does not require a computer.

What does the XRHealth process look like?

Step 1: Sign-up. Get paired with your matched healthcare professional.

Step 2: Live-video appointment to discuss symptoms & goals

Step 3: Get your VR Telehealth Kit

Step 4: Get recovering! Receive periodic guidance and video chats from your healthcare professional.


Where in the USA is XRHealth licensed to operate?

We are licensed to provide our service anywhere in the United States.

What do the treatments actually look like?

Our treatments are a mix of real and virtual environments, games, and exercises that are designed to be fun and effective. You might explore a forest, swing a sword, or swing your virtual fists.

How often will I get to interact with my matched healthcare professional?

As you use your VR Telehealth Kit, your matched healthcare professional will keep reviewing your progress, and contact you with adjustments and guidance. Throughout the month you can also set up video calls to get ask and questions you may have, and get in-depth reports of your recovery.

How is it different from traditional therapy?

Aside from being completely remote, XRHealth uses technology to assist your recovery like never before. Our applications are designed to not only guide, but measure your movements. This has never been possible with traditional recovery and gives your matched healthcare professional actionable data.

Also, it’s fun! The problem with traditional therapy is that it is neglected. With XRHealth, you’ll be stopping yourself from using it too often.

Can I be treated through virtual reality?

If you suffer from upper back, neck, or shoulder pain, stress, respiratory issues, TBI, memory decline, neurological issues, or even hot flashes, chances are that XRHealth can help.

Your initial appointment with your matched healthcare professional will also determine whether XRHealth can help you.


Which headsets are compatible with XRHealth?

XRHealth compatible headsets are Pico Neo II, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, and HTC Vive Focus.

Are there any side effects of VR?

The probability of any patients experiencing side effects while using our medical VR technology is very low.

Do I have to return my headset?

If we shipped you a headset, then yes. This is one way we keep costs as low as possible. Return shipping costs are on us.

Do I need my own VR Headset?

We provide all of our patients with a compatible, easy-to-use headset. If you already have a compatible VR headset (Pico Neo, HTC, Oculus Quest, or Oculus Go), your XR clinician can load it with your prescribed applications remotely.

What if I’m not tech savvy?

No problem. Our Virtual Reality Telehealth Kit comes ready to use. No wires or computers. Each VR treatment also has easy to follow tutorials, and don’t forget, you have your matched healthcare professional to guide you.

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